[I2S2] ======>

EXECUTIVE: ☊ It may not seem so to either of you, but there are certain things that I do view as sacred.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ Our species has long since walked on a tightrope, balancing over a bottomless pit of fragility and fell in. We have become frail and damaged.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ We are mired in radical idealism and shifting worldviews that do little to circumvent the truth.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ And one such truth is that often, our biggest problems lie in compromise.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ This corporation was a compromise; my life is one as well.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ I have subjected myself to the singular purpose of holding this world together, of keeping its frayed edges from unravelling entirely... all for those special few who are set to inherit it.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ You recall the girl I mentioned to you on that date, Sestro. Ellsee Raines. She is, indeed, the very same girl the people outside were in a stir over.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ The Vivifier and The Forgiven have had descendants for exactly eight sweeps, to this night. They were commissioned far in advance to meet this deadline.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ I worked in conjunction with them to allow their progeny to live in comfort and moderate seclusion. A hive, a custodian at the ready, a fortune of credit out of pocket, privatized assets solely to mask their presence...
EXECUTIVE: ☊ It must seem nonsensical to go to such lengths for two youths that I have not as much as personally met.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ However, it is them — along with ten others — that are the reason we have been thrust beyond this event horizon. Their actions will determine whether your escape from it is possible.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ It is a legacy that is unknown even to them, but an indubitable one. The power of their souls is beyond what the rest of us can ever attain, and they are the one shot that this planet has left.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ That is why it has been of utmost importance to ensure their survival.