[I2S2] ======>

EXECUTIVE: ☊ Do you love her?
SESTRO: ∞what?
EXECUTIVE: ☊ Your advisor.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ Are you two committed?
SESTRO: ∞i, uh.
SESTRO: ∞thought that was pretty obvious?
SESTRO: ∞um. yes. we are matesprits.
SESTRO: ∞why?
EXECUTIVE: ☊ No need to get defensive. It was mere curiosity.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ There is only so much that I can glean in my state. I didn't want to make a baseless assumption.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ Her ancestor was my moirail.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ A brilliant man, he was. Often, I felt as though I took far too much credit for the example he made.
SESTRO: ∞i mean, that is why you chose us, isn't it?
SESTRO: ∞we were made because you trusted what you had with him.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ To an extent.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ My hopes for your relationship began and ended with you working together and supporting each other. I take no credit for what it has grown into.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ Though... perhaps it's true what they say about bloodlines and following in footsteps.