[I2S2] ======>

SESTRO: ∞are you trying to make this a... "moment", between us?
EXECUTIVE: ☊ Is that how you would like to see it?
SESTRO: ∞this is the most we've EVER talked in my life.
SESTRO: ∞and i think calling what we've had so far a legitimate relationship would be a bit of a stretch.
SESTRO: ∞if i may be, um. candid with you, sir.
SESTRO: ∞it's all been a number of quick encounters that either led to a vague sense of dread or a photo.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ Well, we're here now, are we not?
SESTRO: ∞i suppose so.
SESTRO: ∞...i've been preparing for this day my entire life.
SESTRO: ∞or for a version of it i made up in my head.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ Were you afraid I would not recognize what you've built so far?
EXECUTIVE: ☊ Sidelong glances aren't meant to last that long, my boy.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ I can practically hear the gears turning.
SESTRO: ∞is it really that obvious?
EXECUTIVE: ☊ I would know it, having been quite the enthusiastic overthinker myself back in the day.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ But humor me. Let's pretend it isn't.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ What would you say if I asked you about your intent regarding your position, assuming it could be seen as faultless?