[I2S2] Racren: Examine quarters.

Before you skipped town to join the working class, you used to take part in the bi-sweep DREGS THRASHBASH, a traditional lowblooded battle of the bands that took place in your local scraps.

It's an extensive tourney of musical and martial competition, with the reward being extensive bragging rights until the next round — the finest of instrumental warfares, based on the bands' musical landscape of choice. All-out broken bones mosh brawls, filled with exceptional displays like holographic manifestations of pure sound, every member pushing their survival abilities to their absolute limits... anything is fair play to drown out the competition.

You have a friend who's still in the scene and tries to coax you back from time to time, buttering you up by talking about wasted talent and what have you. That you could still make it, somehow.

Far as you're concerned, if you're ever going to "make it" anywhere, you don't plan on making it back to yet another junkmill.

The gigs up on the wall are the only mementos you keep of your discarded dreams of runaway success, all of them harsh and polarizing. "Limp Bizkit", for example, is another one of those Bizkantine cover bands that capitalize on its cultural resurgence. No one knows what the original "Limp Bizkit" sounded like, but many imitators have tried their best to put music to the lyrics of the ancient Bizkantine hymnals. This particular group has a level of notoriety due to its frontman taking on the Durst pseudonym. You think it's pretty obvious that it's just a gimmick, but it still managed to fuel some impressive theories to do with his bloodline.

They're pretty alright. Also, you'll never be over how "My Chemical Romance" got away with such a raunchy band name and still made it to stardom.