[I2S2] Racren: Check Skorpe.

You have to keep an eye on all stations, as your division operates on a cross-moon basis. It is your duty to conduct routine satellite runs, slowly but surely making the vain attempt at clearing the overflow of pollution and lessening the impact on the planet's ozone layers.

While the black moon (your main base of operations) is centered around resource development, distribution and being a general dumping ground for anything the Mass doesn't want, the WHITE MOON is anything but. That one's a tourist trap for the wealthy, a vacation resort only the elite are able to afford. It's got the whole nine expanses: chlorinated Jell-o pools, automated mascots, even the occasional celebrity schmooze. Finally, its smaller gray submoon works as a tangled mass of wires and relays, providing internet and television signals to the entire planet and its surroundings.

Your SKORPE THEME is "STONE SOUR" and it evokes a certain kind of horror you still find strangely alluring. The band it's based off of went from a sort of alternative metal grind to producing nothing but raw, unfiltered noise. You dig the spooky, paranatural edge.

No answer from her yet. You're just going to have to force your hand.