[I2S2] Racren: Answer matesprit.

-- engrossedIndulgencev [EI] began trolling tangentialReproach [TR] --

EI: b kay soooooo
EI: b t-minus now until i start hashing out an incalculable fucknumber of things we gotta rap about
EI: b obvs and less obvs
EI: b the whole shit shab shiboodle
EI: b u will not BELIEVE the mess
EI: b looking like a bomb went off out here
EI: b and then the all mother inhaled those fumez like no ones biz got blitzed af and ransacked her intimate collection of blendy pens
EI: b wakes up from her eternal snooze cruise and next thing she knowz shes a member of some kinda radicalist art movement
EI: b like hentai professional lovecraft but without the two sticks of raging casteism stuck up his prosey tish wagon
EI: b anywayz i had a stream going on tonight at the mainline gorge during all the hoopla cuz a few subz were all jazzed bout how i got this new pogo right
EI: b multiple dares bidz and rebidz saying i couldnt make the hop
EI: b and how could i refuse such an offer when i only aim to please
EI: b surprise surprise as soon as i get there i got groupiez coming from the wingz and then they get all traumatized during the performance
EI: b im mostly just stuck in my cranium box wondering if im about to stick the landing
EI: b everyone can look up n stare at all the weird shit and the light showz going down but im the bitch whos losing air speed
EI: b whenz the last time u saw one of those oldie frozen treat peddlers?

-- tangentialReproach [TR] began a call with engrossedIndulgencev [EI] --

RACREN: {If I have to weather you listing off increasingly unbelievable farces, then you're at least going to do it while hearing how exhausted and flabbergasted i am}
TURNIN: b and if u missed my pitchy dulcet tones so much u could have just tuned in earlier while i was live u goob
TURNIN: b <3
TURNIN: b srsly like legit
TURNIN: b one of these freakin heroes dove in after me— mmrnh
TURNIN: b amdtheygotta— urnph
RACREN: {What the hell are you eating}
TURNIN: b wemom
TURNIN: b plopped it into a nice n icey peanut buttery cupe
TURNIN: b that i helped myself to from the leftoverz of that guyz rig like its 88
TURNIN: b what an absolute lad
TURNIN: b p sure ive got another sponsorship outta it somehow
RACREN: {Turnin, how many roundabouts do we need to have about the dangers of lemons}
RACREN: {It's <-citric acid->, it counteracts the <-stomach acid-> in your system and corrodes through your flesh}
RACREN: {There's only so many chemical reactions we can have in one sitting}
TURNIN: b maybe for a normie that wasnt built from the ground up to be a beast in the nosh depo
RACREN: {Every night your body is dying just a little bit more}
TURNIN: b im sorry u cannot enrichen urself in my world of delicacies but perhaps u can learn to not be such a jelly party pooper and let me enjoy the snackz from my secret garden
RACREN: {It's disgusting}
RACREN: {It's made for topical balms and botulism poisoning}
TURNIN: b its scrumdiddlyfuckingumptiouz
RACREN: {Do you even care about what's going on out there}
RACREN: {I know that <-"you could literally die"-> is a debatable subject with you but seriously, how are you still standing after such a catastrophic gravitational hit}
TURNIN: b u sound just fine to me so i dont think its out of the question for me to also be fine right
TURNIN: b havent had a chance to rly plug in for the live statz on the rest of the everything
RACREN: {Maybe you should take a look while i'm busy doing the unthinkable}
TURNIN: b well if its unthinkable then i sure dont know what u could be up to
TURNIN: b spill the beanz mister
RACREN: {We've got an upstairs pardon, moons aren't stable enough to stay occupied}
RACREN: {So we're shuttling back}
TURNIN: b thats gr8!!!
RACREN: {Not really}
TURNIN: b thats less gr8!!!
TURNIN: b but im gonna be gr8ful to see your bitter ass again after so long
TURNIN: b turnin and racren back at it
TURNIN: b the endless solstice
TURNIN: b nothing will ever be the same
RACREN: {Yeah that's going to be the tagline sweeping the nexus}
RACREN: {It's bad enough that people ask where i am in the tabloids whenever i dont show up in the chat}
TURNIN: b scandalz are a free market and they got the goods
RACREN: {And i've got to go, because my bitter ass is not going to make it back to your happy ass if you don't shut up for two seconds and let me do my job}
TURNIN: b yea alright
TURNIN: b go do ur chores stinky
TURNIN: b i will be awaiting.................
RACREN: {Later, dummy}

-- tangentialReproach [TR] ended call with engrossedIndulgencev [EI] --