[I2S2] ======>

-- engrossedIndulgencev [EI] began trolling tangentialReproach [TR] --

EI: b oh btw one last thing
EI: b i know that i talk circles around u but i think itz time we revisit this ring here
EI: b since ur coming back down maybe we should like
EI: b try hashing out a plan to get u out of there mayhapz
EI: b again i stress that im fully aware of just how stubborn u are about making a name for urself on ur own termz
EI: b but i keep tellin u that u dont gotta be stuck corralling these wackoz at the dead end working hazard ranch you tend to
EI: b im set for LIFE ive got a PLACE and literally own thingz w ur name on it
EI: b i could hook u up ive got nothin but connections
EI: b literally bring the band back together even???
EI: b siiiiiiiiigh
EI: b if u dont wanna like rly i promise promise promise that i wont drag the idea out again but
EI: b those tabloids kinda blow hard right? the constant social media pesks???
EI: b not that u ever check lol
EI: b idk ill live either way
EI: b but i owe a lotta shit to u and sez for getting me down from humble beginnings and then up here
EI: b w/e here is
EI: b i just wanna make sure i pay it forward
EI: b and also get more than a few wices of getting to curl up on that washboard of yourz

-- engrossedIndulgencev [EI] stopped trolling tangentialReproach [TR] --