This new Murrit is the Murrit you're set on keeping — and as with any proper personality, he also has a NUMBER OF INTERESTS.

A lot of your time has gone into FULFILLING YOUR END OF THE BARGAIN with the aforementioned stranger that woke your dreamself, with a subsection of it being devoted to TRYING TO GIVE HIM THE SLIP. These attempts have all FAILED SPECTACULARLY — although they were quite entertaining to watch, at times.

Since then, you've resigned yourself to personally decoding the HIEROGLYPHS found inside an ancient and ruined TEMPLE, which sported the visage of a curious AMPHIBIOUS CREATURE you're pretty sure doesn't actually exist.

And you've finally completed your work on that front tonight.

Other than that, you are VERY PRONE TO BOREDOM on your TROPICAL ISLAND IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. Y'know, the kind with coconuts and shit. They sadly don't make for entertaining company, so you've taken matters into your own hands and rigged your hive with an INSURMOUNTABLE NUMBER OF BOOBY TRAPS that could KILL YOU AT ANY SECOND, just for the sheer thrill of it.

Dangerous fun has always been better than no fun at all in your book.

You also like to collect a number of ANCIENT CULTURAL ARTIFACTS, most of them coming from THE RENAISSANCE — you're particularly invested in OLD MEDIA SYSTEMS and ESOTERIC ENTERTAINMENT from the time period. This collection is proudly displayed on your (also lovingly procured) set of TELEVISIONS and VIDEO TAPES, the entirety of which you leave RUNNING ON SOMETHING AT ALL TIMES, ALL AT ONCE.

As a bit of a side-hustle, you've also managed to MODIFY the technology you uncover rather well. Many of these objects have been turned into MONITORS and DRONES that you use to KEEP TABS ON YOUR FRIENDS. You enjoy waiting for them to FUCK UP SPECTACULARLY and then RECORD THESE MOMENTS, so you can make SURREAL COMEDY MASHUPS OF THEIR MISFORTUNES — and despite the fact that you POST THESE EVERYWHERE, you ensure they are accessible to you alone. Anyone who clicks on your video links is subjected to a HOT LOAD of OBTRUSIVE REDIRECTIONS and NASTY VIRUSES.

Really, you like to think that your best attributes are the DEDICATION you bring to all of these hobbies. None of it comes even close, however, to the sheer magnitude of effort you put into showing your affiliation with EROTIC COUNTER-CULTURAL ART PIECES. The HENTAI ART MOVEMENT in particular made a lot of waves during its prime.

Truth be told, this didn't start as a genuine personal interest. Rather, it was a response to ANOTHER'S interests — a COUNTERMEASURE to show him how UTTERLY SHITTY his beliefs are. And sometimes, in order to really prove a point, you need to take that extra step. Countless hours of RESEARCH, READING, WATCHING and going as far as making a DUNGEON OF SOLITUDE in relation to it — all to make the guise that much more believable. It's gotten so bad that you're not even sure if you're STILL DOING THIS FACETIOUSLY OR NOT.

But other people don't need to know if you're being honest, and neither do you.

It's all part of the show.

Your trolltag is unclaspedKahuna and you >([speak in a static-y manner t#at no one even gets]

What will you do?