Enter name.

Your name is MURRIT TURKIN.

And really, that's all most people need to know about you.

So far, you've only had two iterations of yourself. That will soon change, although you don't realize it yet.

In the far past, you used to be a SALESMAN OF DUBIOUS CREDIBILITY. After your DREAMSELF was awoken on the moon of DERSE by making a DEAL WITH A STRANGER, a small group of CHEATS known as the DEAD SHUFFLERS took you in as a HOSTAGE to the BLACK QUEEN.

In a somewhat shocking turn of events, it just so happened that their leader, the SCATHING SHARPER, ended up taking a shine to you. Finding a new home among these strange, exoskeleton sporting crooks, you were soon turned into a FEARED PERSONALITY among the last remaining members of the SEA TROLL HIERARCHY.

As a RUTHLESS SWINDLER and CARD SHARK in the world of various GAMBLING SPORTS, you acquired a fine taste for TAKING WHAT YOU WANT with absolutely no regard for others, and also MURDERING any poor sucker who didn't manage to pony up the goods. You actually met your PARTNER, Dismas, through these shady means.

You have been the proud OWNER OF HIS SOUL — now in more ways than one — since that fateful poker game, about two sweeps back or so.

And that encounter eventually led you to realize that that wasn't the life you wanted to lead. So, you GAVE IT ALL UP. Relinquishing your underground reign and betraying the family you once had, you sentenced the man that took you in to a LIFE of COMMUNITY SERVICE, and sent the other three INTO HIDING.

Since then, you've settled in as this NEW MURRIT.