[I2S2] ======>

ENDARI: )-| Alright |-(
ENDARI: )-| I had already hopped on over to the city center, when I found out that our usual place was closed despite it being a 12/6 establishment |-(
GLOMER: what why
ENDARI: )-| Well, I asked around and apparently there was a murder in the shop, in broad nightlight! Can you believe it? |-(
ENDARI: )-| One of those mirthamaniac brutes barged right in and killed a rustblood in front of all the patrons and staff, so they had to clean up the mess |-(
ENDARI: )-| He smashed their face into a counter and tore one of their arms off, before vanishing through the crowd |-(
ENDARI: )-| There was also something about a strange girl laughing hysterically at the sight of the corpse? Very off-putting |-(
ENDARI: )-| But that could've very well been hearsay |-(
ENDARI: )-| Regardless, it was more than enough to get me to leave post-haste. The last thing I need is for someone of that ilk to recognize me... |-(
ENDARI: )-| Which almost happened anyway! Oh, I should've thought it through much better |-(
BYTCON: 0-> Don't you start looking down on yourself, now. It took a lot of fortitude not to simply lock up after hearing of such a nasty chain of events!
GLOMER: yeah youre out there not GettinG anxiety attacks like the best of theM
GLOMER: what happened next
ENDARI: )-| Well, I decided to head to Chef Dersal's restaurant and order some take out instead, even though it's far more expensive of an option and it was nearing closing hours |-(
ENDARI: )-| In a cruel twist of fate, when I made it there I saw the very man who must've been the perpetrator of that horrible incident |-(
ENDARI: )-| And... I was actually the one who recognized him |-(
ENDARI: )-| He was the one who indoctrinated me, back when I was looking for faith in all the wrong places |-(
ENDARI: )-| Again I planned to turn away, but by that point, something else happened... |-(
CRYTUM: O> Ugh, what is UP with this phone. ‿
CRYTUM: O> Gimmie a sec, guys. ‿