[I2S2] Oricka: Tell your codebreaker what's what.

ORICKA: jeeeeeez crycry! a little slow on the uptake here arent you??
ORICKA: i swear ive sent you a couple hundred voicemails by now :pleading:
ORICKA: youre supposed to be on standby!
CRYTUM: O> Sorry! I guess with everything that's been going on, I needed to take a bit of a break. ‿
CRYTUM: O> I have company over. ‿
ORICKA: oh! if the company is who i think it is then thats really good for us actually :partying_face:
CRYTUM: O> Hold on, let me go ahead and let Necron into the call too. ‿
CRYTUM: O> You guys really borked up my notifications! ‿
ORICKA: serves you right for leaving your post mister