[I2S2] Crytum, Oricka and Necron: Discuss.

NECRON: † Jeez, sweetheart! A little slow on the uptake here, aren't ya? †
CRYTUM: O> Uh, yeah, so I've heard. ‿
ORICKA: go easy on the guy babe! he has Company:tm: over :smirk:
NECRON: † Oh, does he now?  †
NECRON: † What kinda company are we talkin' here? †
CRYTUM: O> Just The Boys and I having a get together. I was going to fill them in on our plans regarding their information about the case. ‿
CRYTUM: O> Before all of this started, I mean. ‿
GLOMER: (hey whos on the other end of the line)
CRYTUM: O> (I'll tell you soon.) ‿
NECRON: † Yeah, you're prolly gonna want to do that. †
NECRON: † We're not gonna be able to just make it over there and have ourselves a nice little chat 'bout it. †
CRYTUM: O> Huh? Why's that? ‿
ORICKA: soooooo about that original plan
ORICKA: thats not happening anymore :looking_away:
CRYTUM: O> I guess that makes sense. None of today's events were really planned, as far as I know. It's certainly not anything of Corporate's design. ‿
CRYTUM: O> I already double checked all of the available backlogs that Mshiri gave me, to make sure this wasn't some kind of protocol in the event that Snowbound Blood failed. It has nothing to do with the case. ‿
CRYTUM: O> Not directly, at least. ‿
NECRON: † Wouldn't be too sure about that last part. †
NECRON: † Either way, we're runnin' hot on a real strict crunch here. †
ORICKA: other than the bullshit going on outside weve got plenty of problems of our own!
ORICKA: ron was finally able to get clearance into the cultists hideaway thanks to the info you got from the YVES footage
ORICKA: but he found something there that pretty much screwed over any original plans of action we had :sob:
CRYTUM: O> Do you mean the Trollodex files? Did you not manage to get them back? ‿
NECRON: † Recoverin' the files ain't gonna really fix squat for us in this case. †
NECRON: † Listen man, the Harbingers and the Mirthies are about to make some kinda move on the Stronghold. †
NECRON: †† Saw it with my own damn eyes. They had a whole ritual thing going, threw a compecado inside a rift. ††
NECRON: †† Chucked the beastie straight into the Abyss, seemed to do somethin' to a guy. ††
CRYTUM: O> What?! ‿
ENDARI: )-| (Crytum dear, are you alright?) |-(
CRYTUM: O> (Yeah, just— hold on!) ‿
CRYTUM: O> If they're going to make a move on the Stronghold, then that means... ‿
ORICKA: yeah
ORICKA: were all liabilities that can get in the way of whatever theyre planning
ORICKA: the trollodex is their hit list of people who know too much