[I2S2] ======>

NECRON: ††† No doubt that they're doin' it in order to have leverage over the whole damn Mass. †††
NECRON: ††† If they manage to cap 21, then they got a free pass to every single strategic facility on and off-planet. †††
NECRON: †† And 'far as I know, we're the only folks who even know half of what's goin' on for real. ††
NECRON: † Unless the Corporate duo let anyone else in on it, I guess??? †
NECRON: †† Anyways, my bet's on all this stuff bein' a part of some grand scheme they've had in the works for ages now. ††
CRYTUM: O> Is that... why they needed the blood? To make this ritual possible and give them an advantage during this whole catastrophe? ‿
ORICKA: bingo :pensive:
ORICKA: which is why we need to get all of the remaining case leads out of the city and down to eidolic acres!
CRYTUM: O> Eidolic Acres? ‿
NECRON: † Safe place out in the middle of nowhere, full on block and board. †
NECRON: † It's gonna be our outpost for the time being. †
NECRON: †† After we foil these slap-happy fucks, that is. ††
ORICKA: we need you to grab all of the others and meet us on the east side of the city walls!
CRYTUM: O> By that old, giant billboard? ‿
ORICKA: :thumbs_up:
ORICKA: above all else we have to make sure you guys are safe while we take care of the dirty work :muscle:
NECRON: † Once we're done cleanin' up shop, we can wrap back around and take ya to the place. †
NECRON: † Me, Honey Bunny and Miss Shiri already took care of wrangling folks outside of 21. Was just gonna be for contact reasons, but now I guess it's effectively witness protection. †
NECRON: † Point is, we're comin' in hot, but we don't got enough time for a door to door approach. †
NECRON: †† So, that's where you and The Boys come in! ††
CRYTUM: O> That sounds great! Um, if not for a couple of minor issues. ‿
NECRON: † Hit us, script whiz. †
CRYTUM: O> ONE: none of us know these people well enough to approach them? Much less convince them of anything, probably. ‿
CRYTUM: O> TWO: there's no way we could get even remotely close to Sestro and his advisor right now. ‿
ORICKA: not a problem crycry! weve got codes for the corporate building
NECRON: † Plus, the little guy knows who I am from the case. Just tell him it's from me. †
CRYTUM: O> That's not exactly what I mean? ‿
NECRON: † Well, then ya got me confused, chief. †