[I2S2] ======>

CRYTUM: O> Have you guys not seen the news? ‿
CRYTUM: O> The Executive passed tonight, during the jump. They say it was a heart attack. ‿
ORICKA: uhhhhhh
ORICKA: RIP........? :eyeroll:
NECRON: † My sincere condolences, and I mean no offense here, but... †
NECRON: †† What's that gotta do with anything??? ††
CRYTUM: O> It means Sestro is being inaugurated, you dummies! ‿
CRYTUM: O> Very publicly. ‿
NECRON: † So... †
NECRON: †† You're meanin' to tell me... ††
NECRON: ††† That by the time this inauguration starts, there's gonna be a good chunk of our ENTIRE PLANET'S POPULATION in the middle of the central district... †††
NECRON: ††† Just standin' there, ripe for slaughter and capture? Including the two most important figureheads in the ENTIRE GODDAMN UNIVERSE? †††
NECRON: †† That sound 'bout right? ††
ORICKA: aw beans theres no way for us to know where anyone is now besides those two!
ORICKA: those nasties might already be hidden in plain sight just waiting for the right moment to strike!!! this is the perfect storm of god awful practice
ORICKA: for some reason i expected better :OTL:
CRYTUM: O> I-I'm sorry! I want to help you guys out, I really do!  ‿
CRYTUM: O> If there's anything that you need when it comes to decryption or tracking, I'm here for you. ‿
CRYTUM: O> But I don't think my expertise is especially suited for these kinds of protocols... ‿
NECRON: † Nah, it's all good. †
CRYTUM: O> Huh? ‿
ORICKA: what??? you think we dont make backups for backups?????
NECRON: †† There's still somethin' you lot can do to make this easier for us, but you might not be fans of the approach. ††
CRYTUM: O> Uh oh. ‿