[I2S2] Rypite and Sirage: Wait.

SIRAGE: < *yawn* >~
SIRAGE: < ugh we're out past <urfew and still don't have a fu<king <lue what's going on >~
RYPITE: They imposed a Curfew?
SIRAGE: < you imposed one on us, honey >~
RYPITE: Oh! Are you getting a little Sleepy?
SIRAGE: < more like getting a little impatient >~
RYPITE: I'm getting pretty antsy myself, but there's absolutely No Need to fret about it, I'm sure.
RYPITE: Sestro is going to march Right Out of those doors and he's going to Tell all of us that things are going to be Right and Dandy! If anyone has things Under Control, it's that guy.
RYPITE: Think of it like a Worldwide Wellness Check that we get front row seats to!
SIRAGE: < well, don't you sound expe<tant >~
SIRAGE: < i know you're looking forward to this and all but we're just gonna get a bun<h of platitudes >~
SIRAGE: < you know that, right >~