[I2S2] ======>

RYPITE: I Don't know that, actually.
RYPITE: It's a little hard to Not expect great things from trolls who were Raised to be great! That's their whole job.
RYPITE: You know I didn't turn us around for Nothing! This is something that only happens Once In A Lifetime.
RYPITE: We are actively living through History, Watching it all Unfold before our very eyes and seeing the trolls who walk through our offices become Something More!
RYPITE: That— That is Very Good for All of us!
SIRAGE: < okay my bad i <ompletely misread your tone >~
SIRAGE: < you don't sound expe<tant, you sound nervous as hell >~
RYPITE: Extremely So!
RYPITE: But that's All The More reason to be Expectant in the first place.
SIRAGE: < speaking of expe<tations, look who's here >~