[I2S2] ======>

RYPITE: Hayyan! I'm so glad you could Make It on such Short Notice!
SIRAGE: < de<ided to finally show your fa<e to the rest of the s<reaming publi< lol >~
HAYYAN: When I say I'm =g⨀ing =t⨀ =d⨀ =s⨀mething, that means I'm =g⨀ing =t⨀ =d⨀ it.
SIRAGE: < took you a while to do it, yanny >~
HAYYAN: =S⨀me =⨀f us =ch⨀⨀se =n⨀t =t⨀ be where all =⨀f the =acti⨀n is =⨀n =purp⨀se.
HAYYAN: =Als⨀, the =m⨀n⨀rails are packed. They just =g⨀t the reserve =generat⨀rs up.
HAYYAN: I'm certain that I've seen =m⨀re =tr⨀lls =⨀n the streets in the past =h⨀ur than I have in my entire life.
RYPITE: They're probably all headed to the Same Place, in that case. There's nothing quite like being Out And About to experience the Real Deal!
HAYYAN: =Y⨀u can certainly say that.
HAYYAN: I hadn't kept up with =h⨀w everything was =g⨀ing until =y⨀u called.
RYPITE: You didn't hear The Pillar drop?
HAYYAN: The entire =w⨀rld heard the pillar =dr⨀p.
HAYYAN: I meant as far as =C⨀rp⨀rate is =c⨀ncerned.
SIRAGE: < do you have a take on what's about to go down >~
HAYYAN: I'm =d⨀ubtful that the death =⨀f =⨀ne figurehead spells =⨀ut change =f⨀r the entire system.
HAYYAN: Especially when we're already =c⨀mpr⨀mised, with =⨀r =with⨀ut it.
HAYYAN: I =w⨀uld like =t⨀ see the heir change my mind =⨀n that.
RYPITE: Well, personally, I have No Doubt in my mind that he isn't at least going to give One Great Speech about the whole ordeal.
SIRAGE: < bah, optimists, both of you >~
SIRAGE: < guess we're all going to find out >~