Murrit: Examine desktop.

Your desktop is an abhorrent hodgepodge of TOOLBARS AND OBVIOUS SPAM that you carefully cultivated in order to slow down anything you try to do. You also use the worst browser you could find, GALENA, because you're no coward and enjoy surfing the internet on HARD MODE.

Your SKORPE THEME is "TIT-TASTIC TEMPTATIONS". You would think this a custom-made theme, given your now twice aforementioned eclectic tastes. Unfortunately, it is not.

Not unfortunate for you, that is, but certainly unfortunate for everybody else. Including myself, currently. What regrettable turns of fate your planet has taken to lead us here.

Regardless. You left a rousing game of ANTHROPORMUNICIPALITY with your friend earlier. BLUE DOG must be wondering where you went.