[I2S2] ======>

EXECUTIVE: ☊ It must not have occurred to you that applying this sort of technique would have aided your strategy significantly.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ I still recall when he was working on it...
EXECUTIVE: ☊ This is one of the many journals my red beloved left behind, before tragedy swallowed him whole.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ A memoir dedicated to his research into consequence and corruption, to the few others of his caliber and aspect emanation.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ The majority of his recordings were either left unfinished or pilfered, but we kept what remained. I see that at one point in your earlier studies you chose to retain it.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ Surely, nothing more than another stray investment to have on hand at the time.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ You never expected to have to fight, much less against such a scarce and volatile aspect.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ Were you surprised? Scared?
SESTRO: ∞...
SESTRO: ∞why are you still here?