[I2S2] ======>

EXECUTIVE: ☊ I understand my prior actions, Sestro. There's no point in your admonishing of me for things I did with intent.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ I have no sob story to tell. I made choices that were easy for me and pushed my agenda forward, first and foremost.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ If that's what you want me to admit, then I admit it.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ I'm not going to proselytize with rhetoric, because we both recognize that there is none.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ Likewise, being upset about whatever the real, living Clarud Enthal did or did not do changes nothing about your current situation.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ My only purpose is to help you prepare for the future.
SESTRO: ∞you've never done anything for me!
SESTRO: ∞you just watched from afar with knowing eyes until it was time for you to die!
SESTRO: ∞and then when you finally decided to reach out, you burdened me with EVERYTHING you left behind.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ You've always known that was going to happen.
SESTRO: ∞i knew what i was told!
SESTRO: ∞and none of that ever came from you!
SESTRO: ∞maybe you did say some of it, but everything was just relayed by someone else who spoke for you.
SESTRO: ∞i never got anything even remotely resembling wisdom, or advice, or—
SESTRO: ∞or LOVE from you until you decided to force what you thought i needed on me.
SESTRO: ∞...and now you're here.