[I2S2] ======>

EXECUTIVE: ☊ I was always going to be here with you, Sestro.
SESTRO: ∞what?
EXECUTIVE: ☊ You perceive what is around you based on your own interpretation of reality — a mixture of recollection, impression and events that you see as fact.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ Ultimately, Mind represents truth; the knowing and discovering of. The drive to make right what you believe is wrong.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ And you may not want to hear this truth, but you are made from me.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ My blood, my hair, my skin... my very foundations.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ Only changed as much as to justify your individuality.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ From the moment you were born, we were bound together.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ And you were going to shoulder the weight of my memory, no matter what other form it may have taken.