GS: You never addressed the original one, but I'll take it as a positive response on the matter regardless, since I was only seeking verification.
GS: My more important piece would be regarding any potential preservation of belongings.
GS: I understand that most things will be lost, but is there any method — besides the obvious — of sparing a portion of them, to your knowledge?
UK: >([if you already kno t#en y t#e fuk are u askin]
UK: >([said it urself]
UK: >([most of it is gonna be vaporized an i said t#at was t#e point t#e glyp#ics made crystal clear]
UK: >([were not gonna b #ere anymore after t#ese giant ass rocks crater our lives into t#e ground]
UK: >([no more livin spaces]
UK: >([no more cus#y ego strokin putt courses]
UK: >([no more divine wines]
UK: >([an deffo no more of ur #oity toity pleasure sword packin gender politic groups rabblerousin on t#e streets bout #ow t#ey live on a #ig#er plane cuz t#ey dont #av any plus# c#est tanks]
UK: >([s just gonna be us an w#erever it is we go from #ere into t#e void of new beginnings]
UK: >([so u best be gettin ready to readjust ur life plan]
UK: >([t#ink its #ig# tide time u got to doin t#at]
GS: Hm.
GS: Well, then. I definitely have plenty of my own concerns on the matter, and not just about the aforementioned.
GS: Ignoring some of what you said...
GS: I was more worried about the possessions I felt that I might need in a situation like this.
GS: I'm simply trying to prepare, though I can see you're not going to be of any real assistance either way.
GS: Not entirely sure why I bothered, either. I should have known better about the odds of a useful response coming from you.
UK: >([t#en u###### w#y r you talkin to me]
UK: >([seems like as usual ur makin your own issues out for urself #ere]
GS: Because I presumed it would be worth my while to give this instance of researching a shot.
GS: However, it is now clear that it wasn't worth as much as I had initially hoped.
GS: It's not exactly an issue. More that it is just a slight disappointment.
GS: And with that out of the way, I really do not have much more to say to you — which seems to me like a favorable outcome for all involved.
GS: We might as well be done here.
GS: So unless you, against all odds, do have anything else of importance that you'd like me to know, I'll be on my way.
UK: >([jus one]
UK: >([ur stroke game W E A K]
GS: Delightful.

-- grandioseSaturation [GS] gave up trolling unclaspedKahuna [UK] --