Murrit: Answer the other troll.

-- grandioseSaturation [GS] began trolling unclaspedKahuna [UK] --

GS: "Hey."
GS: So. I believe you told me that everything is going to be upended, correct?
UK: >([wat]
GS: All of those things you spoke of earlier, about us taking action and the starkly imminent planetary destruction?
UK: >([o###### rite t#ose t#ings]
UK: >([couldnt understand you tween t#e golden s#ovel you got caug#t in ur t#roat and t#e flagrant jack#ole takin over ur visage]
GS: You petulant wriggler. What has become of you?
GS: You used to be such a distinguished individual.
UK: >([cod]
UK: >([we glubbin doin t#is]
GS: Apparently we are, and now I have even more to say.
GS: First of all, you do not DESERVE to use any sort of marine-based wordplay, especially not in my presence.
GS: Second, just DON'T make fish puns at all. Ever.
UK: >([ok okay im sorry bro]
UK: >([t#ot you woulda preciate a player playin into ur #and]
UK: >([arentc#a t#e entire worlds supply of royal function reclamation]
UK: >([or at least one w#o ruminates it by t#e fire under a priceless paintin of an aquatic merbovine]
GS: I am, and one of the ONLY two of us left from our specific place in the hierarchy for expanses.
GS: Perhaps you should learn to shape back up and duly fulfill the role you've been granted, instead of disregarding any and all semblance of decency and dragging your heritage through the turbidites.
GS: It would do you some good, despite how little value you may hold as a member of your strata at this point.
GS: Furthermore, aquatic related witticisms are the most novice and etiolated form of sea dweller idiosyncrasy.
GS: They are idiotic and worthless, and any and all who legitimately engage in the practice are only fit to be viewed in the same manner.
GS: It is my belief that the reason it became such a widely understood convention in the first place was due to nothing more than a bad joke taken out of proportion.
GS: And so, I will continue to view them as such.
UK: >([do i gotta respond to t#is]
UK: >([didnt understand w#adda fuck #ell u jus said]
GS: Yes, you "gotta", that is how conversations work.
UK: >([kay but consider t#e fact t#at]
UK: >([i dont wanna]
GS: You don't "wanna"?
GS: Once again, a rather poor and juvenile excuse.
GS: You never want to do anything of real importance, it seems.
GS: This is a serious issue that we need to discuss, but I'll relent for now.
GS: I wanted to come here, civilly, with a different topic to begin with.
GS: You're the one who started a scene by deciding to respond with petty insults, instead of answering my inquiry properly.
UK: >([yea mm#m somet#in smt#in questions]