[I2S2] ======>

CINARE: Are we even safe out here anymore?
ORICKA: i double checked for trackers on everyone and our vehicles and we made sure to watch for tails
ORICKA: as far as we know there really is nothing
CINARE: I'm not sure if that's a good enough answer with everything at stake.
NECRON: †† Listen, it's way late in the morning. These folks are all tired, battered and most definitely traumatized. ††
NECRON: † We need to call it here until the evening. †
NECRON: † For now, R&R is the priority mission for them. †
CINARE: And what exaçtly are you planning to do? We've been over your sorry state already.
NECRON: † Hah. I'm gonna sit on my ass out here and keep watch, and then I'll probably switch with Gerbat later so I can get a wink. †
MSHIRI: .the hay is divine and blessed by the all-mother herself
MSHIRI: ..or so ive been told
CINARE: Yeah, some real twelve star serviçe you'll be getting here.
CINARE: But unlike all of them, I don't need to sleep.
CINARE: I'll hold it out with you. It's gonna be less of a çhore in bigger numbers.
NECRON: † Respect! We can get a groove goin' until my internals stop chugging. †
MSHIRI: .youre going to have to hibernate eventually
CINARE: Shiri, you know I çan last up to a blink without major issues. I'm nowhere near my threshold.
MSHIRI: .you get cranky
CINARE: I'm always çranky.
MSHIRI: .im sorry you had to go through this
NECRON: †† Yeah, me too. ††