[I2S2] ======>

NECRON: † Speaking of, he got put through the grinder. †
NECRON: † Gonna need some kind of medical attention, stat. †
NECRON: † Lot of the others probably do too. †
NECRON: †† Me included. Ow. ††
ORICKA: rankor's salves might do the trick
ORICKA: i'm definitely not trying it though those things are totally out of my jurisdiction
MSHIRI: .i will see if my soothing capabilities can be applied in any way
CINARE: What about the bosslady? Looks just about seçond away from snapping in two.
NECRON: †† Yeah... She ain't doing too hot. ††
MSHIRI: .the poor thing
MSHIRI: ..perhaps i can talk to her
NECRON: † That's the spirit. †
MSHIRI: .but tell me about that man who cut sestros speech short
MSHIRI: ..edolon was it
NECRON: † Yeah, same guy who I was talkin' about from the hideout. †
MSHIRI: .what did he do
MSHIRI: ..other than make his own flamboyant speech as some sort of signal for those hordes
NECRON: † Sestro and Hamifi went toe to toe with the bastard after the fight started. †
NECRON: † No idea what he did to the little guy. Was some alchemic mumbo, so it's bad news. †
NECRON: ††† I don't think he realizes what he's fucking with. †††
ORICKA: the entire main corporate building is nothing but rubble now, rotted from the outside
ORICKA: most of the square is wrecked
NECRON: †† They have way more up their sleeves besides a bunch of random goons. ††
ORICKA: yeah there's overpowered magic bullshit, some future prediction stuff, all kinds of psyops, wispy mystical creatures running rampant, that stupid book, AND a bunch of random goons
NECRON: †† I'm willing to bet my hand that the reason all this is happenin' in the first place is 'cause of these kooks. ††
NECRON: † Hell, we practically heard as much. †
ORICKA: we were gonna try to find refugees
ORICKA: but other than us and maybe those few other alchemists that got called back and scrambled away...
NECRON: ††† There ain't no survivors. †††
NECRON: †† They had the upper hand on everyone. Even without their weirdo powers, the numbers alone were in their favor. ††
NECRON: †† Don't think it was just a pleasure frenzy, neither. They want bodies. ††
NECRON: †† Ours included, eventually. ††
CINARE: Not to sound doubtful, but if his... alçhemy really is that strong, how did you even manage to make it out of there with your hides intaçt?
CINARE: Fuçk, talking about this feels so fake.
ORICKA: he did have all of us for a second there after the battle died down
NECRON: † And then he let us go. †
MSHIRI: .youre serious
MSHIRI: ..just like that
CINARE: That makes no sense!
CINARE: I thought we were supposed to be "the biggest threat to their plans" or whatever?
CINARE: What the fuçk do they stand to gain?
NECRON: † Beats me. Didn't stick around long enough to ask. †