[I2S2] ======>

CINARE: You look like hell.
NECRON: ††† Feel like it, too. †††
NECRON: † It's just about all we got out there. †
MSHIRI: .we were watching the inauguration live
MSHIRI: ..but all the feeds were cut as soon as the raid started
NECRON: † Yeah, the party crash wasn't really my OG plan. †
NECRON: †† Wanted to get there BEFORE the inauguration started and make a distraction BEFORE the mayhem cut loose, but we were a lil' too late on that. ††
CINARE: ...Did you manage to get everyone?
CINARE: You all okay?
ORICKA: take a good look around and you should be able to figure that one out
ORICKA: we managed to round everybody up from, y'know
ORICKA: the many piles of mutilated corpses
ORICKA: plus some extra
MSHIRI: .i was about to ask if that was actually the turnin kaikai you brought with you
MSHIRI: ..but they aren't the most easily mistakable figure
NECRON: † The big boss and them are moirails, if you can believe it. †
CINARE: No shit?
CINARE: Feels like every night this world is getting smaller than it already is.
CINARE: Çorporate junior talked big out there on stage tonight. Almost sounded like he meant it.
CINARE: Seeing someone at the top of the paperçhain with a shred of çonviçtion nearly took me the fuçk out.