SOVA: (safe and sound is perhaps a wee bit generous)
SOVA: (no offense meant to the structural integrity of your game! i was simply worried sick about the state of our planet)
SOVA: (not only on behalf of my friends and fellow inhabitants, but also on account of all the history, the culture, the arts...)
SOVA: (though that's hardly your fault in particular)
SOVA: (definitive measures, including the whens and wheres of such finalities, have always been a point of repitonian discussion)
SOVA: (i'm just never an advocate for erasure u^u)
METATRON: neither are we, if we can help it.
METATRON: which we often could not in our past ventures, it saddens me to say.
METATRON: but that is all the more reason for us to seize this opportunity to its fullest! especially with the weight it holds.
SOVA: (hence we are allowed to go back?)
METATRON: hence the very same!
METATRON: the notion of destruction was simply some extra motivation on our end. you know, to get you young adults apace.
METATRON: it has always been our intent to bring your planet into... "the game"? as you all have seen fit to call it.
METATRON: a mite dull, if you ask me.
METATRON: but while we very much know OF you, we still don't actually KNOW most of you very well.
METATRON: or at least i don't! jegudiel might laugh me out of existence for not having a concrete assemblage of your unique sovaness just yet.
SOVA: (haha...)