METATRON: speaking of knowing you, there IS something i'd like to ask.
METATRON: during your slumber, did you happen to find yourself on derse?
SOVA: (derse?)
METATRON: ah, it appears not.
METATRON: if you did, you would already know what i mean.
METATRON: not to worry, though! we may be on a time limit, but there's no reason to try and do everything at once.
SOVA: (right...)
METATRON: i assure you, dreamselves are fickle things to begin with. derse dreamers in particular tend to have certain issues, due to derse's... predilections.
METATRON: but regardless of sway, all dreamselves are only awoken once their host has gone through a revelatory moment, a stride in their growth.
SOVA: (so i need a push in the right direction)
SOVA: (which i'm assuming this planet is meant to provide?)
METATRON: it doesn't sound like you're pleased about it.
SOVA: (i'm not, really)