METATRON: well, this is ostensibly YOUR world, based on YOUR interests, thoughts and ideas...
METATRON: if that isn't the case, then i say you'd best go about proving it, hm?
SOVA: (what is there for me to prove?)
SOVA: (i'm already here, aren't i? wouldn't it be more beneficial to guide us without all the excess?)
SOVA: (am i not trustworthy enough to handle what is laid out before me?)
SOVA: (is that why my first "checkpoint" came before i faced any sort of challenge?)
METATRON: now, now. this is far more complex than a straightforward route to completion.
METATRON: certainly, we could carry you to the end goal, swaddled in the fuzzy arms of your lovely rabbit consorts.
METATRON: but what would you gain from such a thing? what would we learn of you, then?
METATRON: lands are created as blank canvases and then shaped into what your denizen believes to be the best working challenge for you to face.
METATRON: if you were to ask me, however...
METATRON: (which you are!)
METATRON: i see them more as outlets.
SOVA: (i'm quite familiar with the concept)
SOVA: (with perhaps a tendency to be overfamiliar, even, whenever the "fancy strikes" as necessary)
METATRON: was she the one to point this out to you?