SOVA: (i'd say that it's more of a descriptor i was able to recognize)
SOVA: (after i got done stammering in awe at her presence ;o^o)
METATRON: it happens to the best of us.
SOVA: (to say she "had me at my wit's end" would be an understatement)
METATRON: your wit's end?
SOVA: (oh! for clarification, i meant that i had no wit with which to best her as a conversational partner)
SOVA: (she is quite eloquent!)
METATRON: jegudiel does have a way with words, as all of our kind tend to.
SOVA: (we wound up discussing "matters of the soul" for the majority of our conversation)
SOVA: (i'm not sure how much research you have done on our species, but this is something that we take very seriously!)
SOVA: (to repitonians, the soul is an essential part of who we are! it dictates many things about ourselves )
SOVA: (our heritage, where our lives lead, our personalities... and even our connections to others and romance!)
SOVA: (it represents the whole of us, physically and mentally)
SOVA: (so it was not surprising to hear that they are very much real constructs)
METATRON: that's what you've always believed?
SOVA: (i find it hard to imagine most making it into their older sweeps without at least a little bit of faith)
SOVA: (whatever shape that faith may take)
SOVA: (i just chose to believe in what the soul represents)
SOVA: (and what the ALL-MOTHER is capable of)
SOVA: (JEGUDIEL told me that i was indebted to my soul, that i am a servant to my own heart and that its whims are what keep me...)
METATRON: prisoner?
SOVA: (i suppose so, yes)
SOVA: (my primary objective as the archetypal page is to find a way to regain control over my soul)
SOVA: (and we all have parts that we must play by the end of our quests)
SOVA: ("when you are able to move past your own heart and recognize yourself anew, that is when you will reach your true potential, and once again we shall meet")
SOVA: (that was the last thing she told me)
METATRON: well, it seems to me that you are far more prepared for this journey than you might think.