METATRON: but since you ARE aware of what you must achieve, that begs the question!
METATRON: what will you do?
SOVA: (hm?)
SOVA: (about... my land?)
METATRON: about everything!
METATRON: the way you're able to look into the eyes of revelatory information dead on is staggeringly adept.
METATRON: you may not be sure of where to find your footing, but surely you have an idea of what sounds most appealing to you.
METATRON: there is no wrong way to go about this and you've a vested interest in seeing it through.
METATRON: so, what's your methodology? what are you going to tackle first?
SOVA: (that would depend on what's out here, i suppose)
METATRON: this place is entirely unique. none of the other planets in the medium possess the same layout, fixtures, resources, enemy types — nothing!
METATRON: what you see here is all you!
METATRON: what would YOU like to do, sova?
SOVA: (oh, gosh...)
SOVA: (i wasn't prepared to— to answer these kinds of questions! i don't have any plans set in motion...)
SOVA: (my idea was to just wait a bit so i could know what the others have been up to and follow their lead)
METATRON: and isn't that exactly what you were told to avoid?
SOVA: (...)
METATRON: oh dear, don't be discouraged! why don't we take a look at this through a different lens?
METATRON: what do you LIKE to do, sova?
METATRON: in your catalogue of personal experience and interests, what do you think will take you from one checkpoint to the next?