SOVA: (i...)
SOVA: (i like...)
SOVA: (i like to write plays...)
METATRON: you like to write plays?
SOVA: (eep!)
METATRON: come, now! there's no reason to be ashamed.
METATRON: in fact, i'll share a little trade secret about myself in return:
METATRON: i do so love a good story.
SOVA: (o-oh, you don't have to try to save face by reassuring me!)
METATRON: you're correct, because i am a floating eyeball.
SOVA: (it's really nothing...)
SOVA: (i doubt anyone other than me would even care to cast it a cursory glance)
SOVA: (it's not based on any established property!)
SOVA: (it's not a sequel or a prequel or a remake or a reboot or— or any of those other "fun" entertainment pieces that are easy to dive into)
SOVA: (less a chlorinated jell-o pool and more a pit of needles, all filled up with my overwrought wordology!)
SOVA: (original fantasy bordering on alternate history is a cliché! i've heard plenty of times how it's better that it died out as a genre!)
SOVA: (you wouldn't like it! i promise! TvT)
METATRON: why, but everything you're saying only makes me sure that i would be pleasantly surprised and deeply enjoy myself!
METATRON: you sound like a storyteller.
METATRON: i'm quite familiar with those types.
SOVA: (will you really not let me change your mind and convince you that it's terrible?)
METATRON: you can certainly try!
METATRON: but i shall pester you the whole way through until you do let me see it.
SOVA: (hrrrmmm...)