METATRON: wisely chosen.
SOVA: (this is the only manuscript i have in my current "repertoire")
SOVA: (i have many more back at the cottage, but i carry this one with me everywhere)
SOVA: (i admit i treat it as though it were my own living, breathing descendant)
SOVA: (like this text will be the most notable ink-strewn footprint i leave behind)
SOVA: (in the same vein, however, it is also a fickle beast to deal with due to a few self-imposed factors ;u^u)
METATRON: the problems of creative vision.
SOVA: (it's not the complete story, i'm afraid... i've a bad habit of constantly redrafting it)
SOVA: (i can never find a happy medium between my expectations and these pieces of paper)