ENTERTAINER (Off-stage): But would you look at this sand loop!

THE SONGBIRD stops in her tracks and exaggerates a sigh, tensing her arms by her side. She turns on her heels, exits stage, and re-enters side by side with THE ENTERTAINER, who cradles a sand loop in her hands. They walk towards the Angel’s-Tears’ scaffolding together, ENTERTAINER’s pace sluggish compared to SONGBIRD’S.

ENTERTAINER: You’re not looking at it.
SONGBIRD (stopping): Pardon?
ENTERTAINER (proffering the sand loop): It’s adorable.
SONGBIRD: Come on. We’re late enough already.
ENTERTAINER: Well, with your hourly rate being what it is...
SONGBIRD: More than one sand loop, that’s for sure.

ENTERTAINER rushes to catch up with SONGBIRD, who begins fast-walking once again.

ENTERTAINER (laughing): Maybe you should be the comedian!
SONGBIRD: I am quite sure that’s carnivorous.
ENTERTAINER: What, comedians? Ouch! (jumping in fright, tossing the sand loop, then shaking her hand) It bit me!