SONGBIRD: Thank you.
ENTERTAINER (as she enters the Angel’s-Tears): Instead of worrying, we’ll let you do the ferrying!
FORTHRIGHT: Hah! The Nobleman’s company does have taste.
SONGBIRD: What do you mean?
FORTHRIGHT: Oh, you were a direct recommendation.
SONGBIRD (bashful): Is that so...?
SONGBIRD (changing the subject): Who’s in charge of this ‘shield’ endeavor?

FORTHRIGHT: Wouldn’t know, unfortunately. Haven’t been here long.
SONGBIRD: I suppose you didn’t strike me as an attendant in the first place.
FORTHRIGHT: I’ve been a baker... a luthier... a boat-rigger, now.
SONGBIRD: On a luxury craft, no less.
SONGBIRD: It seems to me that your most important job is high-place befriender.
FORTHRIGHT (a little smug): Times like this, it’s what pays best.
FORTHRIGHT: Now - (removing the rope from his shoulder) your arrival has promoted me from deckhand to steward, and if you’ll do me the honor of following me to your blocks…