THE SONGB The trio?
[ Cut the scene where forthright shows entertainer+songbird their rooms keep the scene but make it quick! just enough banter so that it’s not an exposition slog. entertainer songbird forthright makes a good joke & entertainer tries to write it down for material but she forgot her notepad at home; songbird promises to memorize it for her.]

Enter THE STRANGER, gaze fixed on the floor, hands in pockets, passing the trio as they make their way to the lounge.

Exit  STRANGER; the trio shares confused looks.

ENTERTAINER (once STRANGER is out of earshot): Do you know him?
SONGBIRD: I feel like I do... do you?
ENTERTAINER: No... Yes? Definitely yes.
FORTHRIGHT: Pretty sure I should. But then, I’ve met many a character aboard.
SONGBIRD (rubbing her arms, anxious): Ever mercurial, you.