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PD: oh so you guys want to talk about a busted set of standards huh?????
PD: my standards were shot all the way back into last wice!!!! they were shot so far that they plummeted back to when i didnt even know i had standards about this!
PD: brought into the game late as all get out in the middle of my impromptu rediversary
PD: forefronted a number of lopsided conversations until im yet again faced with the universes most unwanted hive call
PD: flung around like ragdoll as half of my hive gets eaten by some bug eyed beast
PD: restrained and forced to watch all of my important jobs get taken over by some goony lunatic with the worst dress code this side of an honor students mandatory band recital
PD: and then i burn a vase filled with goo before being jumped and forcibly thrown into my portal
PD: I GOT LUSUSNAPPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PD: and then oh ho ho ho guess what was waiting for me in here? mr goo denizen mighty purveyor of the goop realm who just starts LAUGHING at my face!
PD: i was so distraught!!!
PD: but eventually i just started laughing with him!!!!!
PD: we laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed and then i wound up here!
WA: Wait- hold on-
WA: Babe did you and your denizen not even talk-?
PD: well thatd be selling it a bit short i guess
PD: im pretty sure he said a few things! i just could not focus on them for the life of me
PD: dont know how much of it was a laughter in the auricular clots situation or more of a regular conversation situation
PD: but there was some kind of mutual understanding going on!!!! a secret consultation of special doomy minds
PD: whatever that has to do with me (|:P
AH: XDXD Holy shit, you got put through a solid five different wringers in the span of a few hours? XDXD
AH: XDXD I would be way more impressed about your ability to stay in high spirits if I wasn't so scared about everything you just listed out. XDXD
AH: XDXD Are you good?? XDXD
PD: as good as i can be considering the sheer gut blaster i went through!
PD: oh and speaking of saddles i just want to say this before i forget
PD: i know this whole memo is named after the omenbeast myth but………
PD: i think they might be pretty darn real from where im standing????
FF: w w what are you t talking about
FF: do you just s say random words at the chucklebunker and e expect your audience to k know what you mean
PD: i never performed at the chucklebunker to begin with! but an inside joke is still a joke
PD: plus its not like i was the one who named the memo!
PD: all im saying is that my land is chock full of weird and descriptively similar beasts
PD: here is my big professional write up of what ive gotten to see of this place so far:
PD: its all mythbusted creatures and big old winding canyons
PD: i will be sure to report back to you all whenever there is more than those two veeeery specific things roaming around
GD: It's /\n entire pl/\net with its own built-in ecosystem, structures /\nd f/\ke m/\ke-belie\/e culture///
GD: There's bound to be more th/\n th/\t///
GD: T/\ke it from the guy who's spent his entire life holed up in /\ c/\nyon himself///
GD: Those things spr/\wl for /\ re/\son///
PD: noted!!!!
GD: Not to tre/\d on /\n e/\rlier topic, but my lusus w/\s /\lso killed///
FF: h huh
FF: did you f f finally do it
GD: You know just /\bout /\s well /\s /\nyone else th/\t my luck is not th/\t bountiful///
GD: It w/\s /\ whole tri/\l in\/ol\/ing my p/\r/\gon wh/\tsit///
GD: Long story short, some weird guy busted in /\nd took o\/er the entire oper/\tion///
GD: /\nd my kill. /\sshole///
PD: hmmmmmm........................
DQ: *yes*i*was*there*for*those*proceedings*
DQ: *there*wasnt*much*i*could*do*about*it*sadly*
DQ: *at*the*very*least*he*got*you*in*
GD: Doesn't me/\n I'm /\ny less pissed!///
GD: Not like it w/\s /\ deed done out of the kindness of his fre/\k show bloodpusher///
GD: My lusus w/\s in his w/\y /\nd he took it out///
DQ: *did*you*ever*pay*attention*to*his*hands*
GD: H/\rd to miss, gi\/en wh/\t he could do with them///
DQ: *those*symbols*were*very*similar*to*the*ones*we*worked*with*
DQ: *theyre*all*over*my*
DQ: *well*land*is*a*stretch*
DQ: *but*its*abundant*here*
FF: w w weird
PD: there!!! there it is again!!
WA: Weird-?
PD: yes!!! weird!!!!
WA: Alright- I follow the line of thought-
WA: But- walk me through it-
PD: whats the one thing i warned you all about??? the one guy who has weird in his name and does weird and crazy acts???
PD: is it really coincidental that all of this weirdness and weird people came out of the woodwork on the one weird night where weird situations have always happened and we are WEIRDLY instructed to play a WEIRD world altering game on the date that the world was WEIRDLY supposed to end???
PO: ~If you say "weird" one more +ime I am seriously going +o lose i+~
PD: no no no i am SERIOUS!
PD: you guys talked about all those creatures suddenly coming to "help you out" in the last memo
PD: and now i know that there was a weird guy on TOP of the weird guy that me albion and sova had to deal with!
SA: (oh no, i remember exactly who you are referring to)
SA: (the long fellow who followed you around and told me where to place everything)
AH: XDXD Hey, I really don't want to cut this short because I know you're trying to blow one of the many conspiracies we've fallen face first into out of the cola oil. XDXD
AH: XDXD But I'd prefer not to get sidetracked into talking about a whole separate variety package of trolls and their nefarious agendas when we still barely comprehend our own. XDXD
PD: arcjec this is important!!!
PD: i never ramble about important things!!! its always celebrity gossip or theme park concepts or the overbearing amount of nail sizes there are
PD: youve gotta give me a chance to explain this! i might be the only one who knows whats really going on!!!
PD: im taking this as seriously as i can (|:C
AH: XDXD And I'm taking you seriously! I never don't take you seriously. XDXD
AH: XDXD You're always serious, right? You told me that once. XDXD
PD: oh im still such a serious bitch!
PD: ive stared down rubber cluckbeasts so hard that now they make a deflated squeak on eye contact alone
PD: i could make a rock shit out granulites they clench so hard from my stern tension
AH: XDXD Right, so keep those lips pursed and stoic for a while longer. XDXD
PD: youve got it boss
PD: FOR NOW.....................
PD: (|>:|
AH: XDXD Utterly amazing. How does she do it? XDXD
AH: XDXD Let's see who's next. XDXD
AH: XDXD Y'know what? Let's just go ahead and make it a pinged pair. XDXD
AH: XDXD Hey, Sova. You like couplets, don't you? That's one of the things you like to do in your free time?? XDXD
SA: (well, my poetry is often freeform and doesn't really follow conventional patterns)
SA: (but i do so love a properly crafted rhyme! i didn't know you dabbled ^u^)
AH: XDXD I've had one on the tip of my carboloader for a while! Tell me if you think this is too off-base. XDXD
AH: XDXD "Lo, beyond the date of an off-kilter spring, a righteous sound was indeed brewing..." XDXD

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AH: XDXD Tell me where you are and what you're doing. XDXD

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EO: I don't think anybody nΣΣds to tΣll you that was tΣrriblΣ.
EO: You'rΣ Σnough of a grownup to rΣcognizΣ whΣn that's thΣ casΣ now¡¡
SA: (i don't know, i thought it was good!)
AH: XDXD Outvoted. XDXD
AH: XDXD Democracy, remember? XDXD
AH: XDXD Oh wait, you don't! Because you weren't here for that part. XDXD
AH: XDXD Which also explains why I had to ping you. XDXD
EO: Your politicking has no ΣffΣct on mΣ, I'm outsidΣ of its rangΣ.
AH: XDXD Politics is all-encompassing, dingus. There is no escaping its area of effect. XDXD
EO: ThΣn I'm morally ambivalΣnt and havΣ no intΣrΣst in utilizing my position.
ME: N.o.w let's n.o.t be t.oo. hasty
ME: Eye v.o.te in fav.o.r .o.f hearing y.o.ur whereab.o.uts
EO: WΣll, YOU havΣ a bunch of mΣssagΣs from mΣ that you can catch up on¡¡ ThΣy will tΣll you all about that vΣry subjΣct.
EO: That's what I'vΣ bΣΣn doing sincΣ I got up, and also why I didn't hop in soonΣr.
EO: Thank you so much for ΣvΣrything, by thΣ way.
ME: .O.f c.o.urse
ME: cB}
EO: =:) <33
EO: I don't havΣ much to rΣport that you wouldn't alrΣady havΣ thΣ gist of, ArcjΣc.
EO: GivΣn that you wΣrΣ thΣrΣ for litΣrally all of it.
EO: I was up for a long timΣ busy with thΣ most harrowing portal activation quΣst ΣvΣr¡¡ So I wrappΣd that up and promptly got mysΣlf horizontal.
EO: Was so ΣxhaustΣd that I floppΣd facΣ first into a bunch of snow¡¡
EO: WΣ can finally call it ΣvΣn for thΣ wholΣ falling down on mud mishap.
EO: I'm still all cold and wΣt¡¡¡¡
AH: XDXD I'll consider it potentially on par because you got collateral. XDXD
AH: XDXD I still don't know how I got clean after that. Do I sleepwalk so hard that I know how to routinely sanitize myself?? XDXD
AH: XDXD Well, I guess I draw and do who knows what else, so it's not... too different??? XDXD
DQ: *even*more*mysteries*perhaps*never*to*be*solved*
FF: h heres a mystery
FF: wheres that f f funko you owe me
FF: we were supposed to t trade and you b b backed down
AH: XDXD We'll get into that privately. Your whole area of residency is a huge issue when it comes to drone delivery, did you know that? XDXD
FF: a likely s story
FF: f fair enough
WA: Yo- hold up-
WA: You have snow on your land-?
EO: A bit, yΣah¡¡
WA: Since you fell asleep on it- that means you like it-
WA: Henceforth- we are hydrohomies-
EO: TΣchnically, I guΣss¿¿
EO: WhatΣvΣr makΣs you happy, Laivan.
WA: I'm already there-
AH: XDXD Ellsee, do you know if we actually did it? XDXD
EO: Did what¿¿
EO: It¿¿
EO: OH¡¡
EO: RΣpiton, right¿¿
AH: XDXD The planet that we worked tirelessly to drag in here with us even though it doesn't deserve a shred of our effort? XDXD
AH: XDXD Yeah, I'd say that's worthy of an "it". XDXD
EO: I couldn't tΣll you for cΣrtain.
EO: I was up and out of thΣrΣ bΣforΣ it madΣ thΣ jump.
DQ: *i*can*attest*to*it*from*my*location*as*it*oversees*the*mediums*perimeter*
DQ: *repiton*has*entered*
DQ: *in*fact*its*the*centerpiece*of*our*newly*aligned*planets*
DQ: *im*assuming*that*since*the*portals*tie*us*back*to*it*
DQ: *that*its*meant*to*act*as*a*sort*of*hub*
PO: ~Are you +elling me +ha+ you ac+ually moved an EN+IRE PLANE+ in+o +his place?~
PO: ~And no+ jus+ any plane+, bu+ a vile shi+hole +eeming wi+h corrosive +oxins, cul+s of personali+y and a+mosphere des+roying neon logos +ha+ ac+ively displace i+s popula+ion?~
PO: ~i+'s dead weigh+.~
GD: Th/\t's not true///
PO: ~wha+ would you call +ha+ hunk of junk +hen?~
GD: The pl/\net itself is not /\wful///
GD: It's /\ll the festering leeches /\nd p/\r/\sites tumbling /\round inside it///

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GS: It appears as though we share similar sentiments in that regard, then.
GS: Arcjec.
GS: I'd say that "it's been quite some time", if this particular situation hadn't already come to pass.
AH: XDXD More like "in passing". XDXD
AH: XDXD And only for a few crumbs of context on a situation I still don't know much about. XDXD
GS: I'm sure Ellsee can relay to you anything that you require.
GS: Or perhaps Turkin would be willing to mix you a putrid word soup of his own volition...
GS: Assuming he's not still cowering away from the consequences of being rightfully called out on his behavior.
AH: XDXD No, man. XDXD
AH: XDXD I'm not looking for second-hand retellings. That's not what this memo is for. XDXD
AH: XDXD I don't need to know about whatever you and Ellsee got up to in the background. That's between you and her, it's none of my business. XDXD
AH: XDXD I want to hear from you. XDXD
AH: XDXD You sound... different now. XDXD
AH: XDXD It feels like I don't know who I'm talking to. XDXD
GS: With whatever due respect you feel you're owed:
GS: This is not the venue for you to question my character.
GS: You said yourself that you don't want us straying from the objective, no?
GS: I'm here to do as was requested of me. My most pressing questions have already been answered.
GS: I've entered. My land is near-excruciatingly tenebrous and overlaid with a substance akin to tar.
GS: And I too know that Repiton has come with us, because it is currently eating itself alive.