PD: sooooo are you gonna elaborate or what???
GS: If you can muster enough patience to listen, instead of immediately interrupting me.
PD: i bet youre still super fun at parties
ME: This is a zer.o. sum endeav.o.r
ME: Eye w.o.uld suggest simply n.o.t pursuing it
GS: Just as I won't.
PD: (|>:/
GS: Now...
GS: We do still have access to repitonian internet systems, be it through some sort of spatial anomaly or our planet giving off a strong enough signal. I couldn't tell you.
GS: Social media has been abuzz non-stop since they've joined us within The Medium.
GS: Any sudden cataclysmic event spanning an entire world and then some would spark that, at the bare minimum.
GS: It's what comes after that is so damning.
GS: Though all media outlets cut themselves off before much evidence could be recorded and most posts have been moderated, the witnessed events are clear.
GS: Corporate's CEO supposedly passed from sudden organ failure in response to the planetary shift.
GS: In the following hours, where his known heir apparent was to take his place, a bonafide coup d'etat was carried out. This was under the name of an individual who claims to be the true successor to the role.
GS: Joined by him were several members of religiously-aligned cults, namely: the Harbingers of the Alpocalypse and the Mirthamaniacs.
GS: They have performatively slaughtered thousands of trolls and brought the main infrastructure sectors of Stronghold 21 to a pile of rubble.
PO: ~+here's no fucking way.~
GS: I'm afraid there is. Every functioning Mirthamaniac Filler channel is aplomb with anti-warmblood rhetoric and declarations of war.
GS: Which is exactly the purpose it was meant to serve.
GS: I'm surprised you didn't know about it. Are you not their prize-winning pupil, as I've been led to believe?
PO: ~I am NO+ like +hem~
PO: ~i don'+ even S+AY on mir+h soil anymore. i earned +he righ+ +o come and go as i please and my assignmen+s are ei+her brough+ +o my hive or over and done wi+h in +he ring~
PO: ~+here were some rumors abou+ "horrorcore demons" and mu+ually beneficial agreemen+s bu+ +hese sick fucks ADORE spou+ing delusional shi+ +o ge+ in+o hogan's good graces~
PO: ~all i am +o +he creed is a glorified billboard~
PO: ~Do you +hink I ENJOY I+?~
PO: ~Because if I had any skin in +heir freak game a+ ALL I assure you I wouldn'+ be here~
GS: I've never claimed anything of the sort. The only thing I said was that you have a known association to a group of radical terrorists, and that you're notably still in their ranks.
GS: It's prudent for the others to know who we have here, for the good of the team.
DQ: *you*slimy*little*prick*
DQ: *youve*got*some*nerve*
AH: XDXD I have absolutely no qualms about banning you if you keep this up. XDXD
AH: XDXD This is NOT your overzealous "safe space" that you use when you're out of real conversations, and I'm not one of your misguided little soldiers coming in to pat you on the back. XDXD
PO: ~I don'+ need you guys defending me.~
AH: XDXD I'm not defending you! I'm just telling an old friend of mine that he's got a warped way of thinking and needs to knock it the fuck off. XDXD
EO: YΣah, CaldΣr. LΣt's not start slipping back into old habits.
GS: I suppose you're not interested in hearing the rest of my account, then?
EO: You said yoursΣlf that wΣ havΣ intΣrnΣt accΣss hΣrΣ.
EO: WΣ can always look it up oursΣlvΣs and find thΣ mod dodgΣrs, can't wΣ¿¿
GS: Not quite. I'm using a particular method to give you all some equally particular information.
GS: One of my followers is a data scrubber. He keeps tabs on tapped devices, usually by offering them sudden bouts of charity work.
GS: The highest profile target being none other than Turnin Kaikai.
FF: n n no w w w w w way
GS: Indeed way. I'll prove it.

grandioseSaturation [GS] has sent KaikaiInfo.cmap to the fodder.

GS: We have Filler screenshots from before the ceremony, which confirm the use of the very same wispy black monstrosities that aided us in our entry process.
GS: By the way... you made quite the stir in there tonight, didn't you, Ellsee?
GS: Seemed to be a chain reaction, starting with you and Arcjec settling down in the main square.
EO: Mmm...
AH: XDXD Watch it. XDXD
GS: We also have audio picked up from the device, as it was being used during the ordeal.
GS: All phones and tablets are consistently monitored by Corporate, so there was plenty to use.
GS: For example, several sources claim sighting of alchemic arts, including what seemed to be a specialized taskforce of alchemists.
GS: This has not, however, been conclusively proven, thanks to the rampant moderation.
GS: Using the Kaikai recording, not only were we able to prove it as factual, but also get the name of the individual who started it all.
AH: XDXD Hang on, I need to do something before the big reveal. XDXD

animatedHumorist [AH] has tagged unclaspedKahuna [UK].

AH: XDXD You're going to have to talk sooner or later. XDXD
AH: XDXD Might as well be now! XDXD
AH: XDXD Okay, go ahead. XDXD
GS: Edolon Vryche.
PD: I CALLED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!