WA: Edolon-?
WA: As in- THE Edolon-?
SA: (you know who he's talking about?)
PD: KNOW HIM???????
PD: hes been terrorizing me for sweeps!!!!
WA: I only know what Serp told me-
WA: And from what she's told me-
WA: No offense-
WA: But I would put a bullet in his head-
PD: edolon is the absolute worst and if hes up against us then hes got even more of an agenda than he had before
GD: Me/\ning...?///
PD: when i was younger i wound up accepting an offer from him on behalf of weird al
PD: BIGGEST mistake of my life!!!!
PD: but as a young and impressionable fan? i was stoked and hyped and elated and every other excited synonym in the book
PD: they even gave me an accordion to note that i was a super-duper official member! but little did i know what i got wrapped into
PD: eventually him and some other goon i cant remember the name of started contacting me all the time and asking a bunch of strange questions that i didnt have answers to!
PD: when i looked into them a bit more and witnessed als gradual shift into lunacy? i decided that maaaybe
PD: dealing with these folks for much longer would not make me the tightest screw in the square peg
PD: but they just kept coming!!! wondering when i was going to come back and join their ranks yadda yadda yadda
PD: it all came to a head tonight when edoLOSER tricked me into letting him into my hive and a bunch of the other stuff i already described
PD: albion and sova met him!!!! they know what im talking about!!!!!
DQ: *the*displeasure*still*courses*through*me*like*the*beat*of*a*tepid*drum*
SA: (i think ALBION had far more of a legitimate run in with him than me)
SA: (i was only given instructions, nothing more)
SA: (but it was very odd)
SA: (i could hardly question it given what was at stake at the time)
DQ: *i*did*not*know*of*him*but*he*certainly*seemed*more*than*aware*of*all*of*us*
DQ: *it*makes*sense*that*this*ties*back*to*him*and*his*mentor*
DQ: *actually*its*the*only*thing*that*makes*sense*