GS: Thus, it stands to reason that both cults have something to gain from bringing us this far.
GS: If we were of no use to them or an impediment to their progress, we could have easily been disposed of.
FF: w w what do we have that they d dont
FF: m mental illnesses
GD: Ye/\h, I'm going to /\sk the s/\me thing///
GD: We're just... some trolls, the s/\me /\s e\/eryone else wr/\pped up in this nonsense///
DQ: *i*honestly*dont*know*how*true*that*statement*is*
DQ: *and*im*not*just*talking*about*myself*or*joking*anymore*
DQ: *if*theres*anything*that*ive*learned*over*the*past*night*
DQ: *its*that*all*of*this*spans*farther*than*any*of*us*can*imagine*
GD: No///
GD: Only difference between us /\nd them is th/\t we were told we h/\\/e some flimsy f/\te-m/\nd/\ted worth///
GD: We're speci/\l somebodies chosen by /\ cosmic b/\l/\nce or wh/\te\/er///
GD: Sounds like /\ lo/\d of nothing to me. Hell, why us in gener/\l?///
GD: Wh/\t checklist did we tick /\ll the boxes of?///
PO: ~wha+ we need +o do is s+op +heorizing abou+ +he par+s we CAN'+ con+rol and s+ar+ +hinking abou+ wha+ we CAN do~
PO: ~do we know any+hing abou+ wha+ +hey're doing and how +o s+op i+?~
PD: actually i DO know one thing
PD: it was pretty off the cuff but edolon did mention what i can only assume is their ultimate goal
PD: acquire souls to become the...
PD: god what was it called!!!
PD: albion what was that thing you said you needed to turn into in order to save repiton or whatever the story was????
DQ: *...*
DQ: *the*pure*oneself*
PD: YES!!! thats the one!!!
DQ: *but*its*impossible*to*reach*that*point*now*
DQ: *you*would*have*to*merge*with*all*the*other*twelve*souls*of*the*star*children*
DQ: *souls*which*no*longer*exist*in*this*plane*
SA: (hold a moment... weren't you the twelfth?)
SA: (and did something happen to star guardian? o^o)
DQ: *a*lot*happened*and*i*probably*should*have*told*you*outright*
DQ: *but*to*summarize*
DQ: *i*was*never*the*designated*twelfth*star*child*
DQ: *my*ancestor*was*
DQ: *and*she*bestowed*her*powers*unto*me*
DQ: *being*the*pure*oneself*was*always*an*unattainable*goal*out*of*my*reach*
DQ: *a*lie*to*make*me*complacent*and*willing*to*follow*enforced*structures*
DQ: *my*star*guardian*was*her*caretaker*first*and*her*willing*pawn*
DQ: *they*have*now*receded*back*into*the*collective*unconscious*
DQ: *what*this*does*make*me*recognize*however*
DQ: *is*that*during*my*entry*
DQ: *edolon*coaxed*me*into*finding*a*way*back*into*the*cell*
PD: the cell??? whats that????
DQ: *for*my*whole*life*i*thought*it*was*just*
DQ: *the*inside*of*my*head*
DQ: *a*space*that*i*could*shift*and*tamper*with*as*i*pleased*
DQ: *its*how*i*found*my*entry*codes*
DQ: *something*i*assume*my*ancestor*left*for*me*
DQ: *but*it*did*not*belong*to*me*and*i*doubt*it*ever*did*
DQ: *it*belongs*here*
EO: ThΣ CΣll is somΣthing that Σxists hΣrΣ¿¿
DQ: *yes*
DQ: *it*might*not*be*apparent*to*the*rest*of*you*but*its*unmistakable*for*me*
DQ: *it*is*what*currently*encompasses*our*planet*
DQ: *i*do*not*know*what*that*means*right*now*
DQ: *but*the*fact*that*edolon*knows*of*it*even*on*a*conceptual*level*perturbs*me*

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