ELLSEE: You... askΣd if I still rΣmΣmbΣr you, right¿¿
ELLSEE: I know wΣ sort of answΣrΣd that alrΣady, but just to makΣ surΣ it's crystal clΣar:
ELLSEE: I RΣALLY don't. I havΣ no idΣa who you arΣ or what any of THIS is.
ELLSEE: So... who arΣ you¿¿
Isn't that always the question.
ELLSEE: It is¿¿¿¿
When you've dedicated yourself to overseeing introductions, yes. Carefully cultivating the expansion of what is already known becomes a habit, in service of deeper understanding.
The problem being that you were supposed to already understand, and you don't.
ELLSEE: JΣΣz¡¡ UndΣrstand what¿¿¿¿
Ah, apologies. We should address this one question at a time.
I have a bad habit of losing myself in the minutiae as it stands.