My name, stated yet again for your convenience, is WHITE NOISE.
I am progeny spawned from The Great Divide, the one true homunculus.
Eldest brother and figurehead of all denizens borne of primordial concept: the powers that be.
The ubiquitous recordkeeper. The scribe of the Solitary Universe.
ELLSEE: Is WhitΣ NoisΣ your rΣal namΣ¿¿
No, merely a pseudonym.
All credible sources use them, I've heard.
ELLSEE: Aaaand you'rΣ a crΣdiblΣ sourcΣ¿¿
I used to be, once.
That's what I led myself to believe, in any case.
ELLSEE: Why don't you bΣliΣvΣ it anymorΣ¿¿ You'rΣ not inspiring a lot of confidΣncΣ hΣrΣ¡¡
The work I've done has been compromised. For exactly how long, I do not know.
My duties lie in the caretaking of your barren cosmos and exposition in service to an audience.
This audience resides within all bound to the mortal, by soul. They are not an active participant in what is being done here.
ELLSEE: Okay...
ELLSEE: Will your, uh, audiΣncΣ know that this is happΣning¿¿
Only because I am the one relaying it.
Or at least, that would be my assumption.
As stated, I don't believe I have the right to claim much of anything.
ELLSEE: Huh. Do you think wΣ'rΣ bΣing watchΣd right now¿¿
We are always being watched. It's not a matter of "if".
It is a matter of "by whom".