And I've found that certain voyeurs are able to dictate the flow of information, what is seen or not. To dictate truth and the visualization of events.
There's a way certain developments and processes are meant to be seen, a way that stories should be told. With clarity, conviction and vision.
If these interlopers control such a thing, they can sow intentional dissonance. Endless mazes of shifting perception instead of clear, colored lines.
I fear that's where we're at now.
ELLSEE: Woah, okay¡¡¡¡
ELLSEE: This is a lot of vΣry ΣsotΣric info you'rΣ just kind of throwing at mΣ, Mr. NoisΣ.
ELLSEE: How do I ΣvΣn know you'rΣ not a "who" who has ultΣrior motivΣs¿¿
I'd like to think that I have your best interests at heart.
You are simply going to have to trust me, I'm afraid.
ELLSEE: Did you just usΣ my own words against mΣ¿¿¿¿
It's known as a "callback". I'm fond of them.
Does that help in assuring you I'm not a liar?
ELLSEE: HΣy, I barΣly just mΣt you¡¡
Oh, but you haven't. We've known each other for a long time.
ELLSEE: BΣcausΣ you, um... watchΣd mΣ¿¿
Hah. In part, yes.
Ultimately, I'm made to watch everything of importance.
ELLSEE: DoΣs that mΣan wΣ'rΣ rΣally as important as wΣ'vΣ bΣΣn told¿¿
You're here, are you not?
I don't think that people who are unimportant get to have conversations like this.
Which isn't to impose a lack of value on the lives of those other than your group of friends. I feel the need to stress that your "importance" does not stem from any arbitrary metric that I've put in place.
The importance you all share is by necessity, not virtue.
Ideally, none of this would have ever happened to begin with. It should have been resolved long ago, before the picture ever set its preordained sights on you.
But you're all here now. The damage has been done.
And so, it is my duty to ensure the casualties of such conflicts are as minor as possible.
ELLSEE: How's that workΣd out so far¿¿
Let's move on.