ELLSEE: MovΣ on to... whΣrΣ, Σxactly¿¿
ELLSEE: ThΣrΣ's nothing hΣrΣ.
On the contrary, everything is in here.
ELLSEE: Actually, that's anothΣr quΣstion. WhΣrΣ ARΣ wΣ right now¿¿
ELLSEE: ThΣrΣ's no ground, or sky or...
ELLSEE: I might go cross ΣyΣd if I think about it too much.
This is called THE STATIC.
ELLSEE: DoΣs it always havΣ thΣ samΣ amount of booming Σmphasis ΣvΣry timΣ you say it¿¿
I've found it a helpful routine when it comes to remembering points of interest.
ELLSEE: So what doΣs THΣ STATIC do, Σxactly¿¿
ELLSEE: BΣyond just kind of... fizzling around ΣvΣrywhΣrΣ.
It's a part of me, the pinnacle of my abilities as a guardian of existence.
You see no end to it because there isn't one. THE STATIC outreaches your comprehension of infinity.
ELLSEE: You'rΣ just saying it likΣ that on purposΣ now.
Perceptive as always, Miss Raines.
ELLSEE: Can you at lΣast tΣll mΣ WHΣRΣ it is¿¿
For you, nowhere. It supersedes and envelops everything past the limits of your universe.
No physical form can take hold here. It is untouchable by the hands of mortals.
ELLSEE: ThΣn how thΣ hΣck am I standing hΣrΣ right now¿¿¿¿
You're dreaming.
I was able to bring in a projection of your consciousness because we have certain ties to one another. It will work the same way when you dream elsewhere later on.
The two of us stand at a crossroads between the extant and the incomprehensible, by my design.
A barricade against unfathomable horror.
ELLSEE: Sounds likΣ you'vΣ bΣΣn doing this for a long timΣ.