There is no time here.
I do not experience the scope of your universe in a linear fashion. We cohabitate in what I know as the "hyperthetical".
ELLSEE: Wow, fancy.
ELLSEE: Did you just makΣ that up¿¿
Technically, yes. But also aeons prior.
The hyperthetical is a state of equilibrium where all past, present and potential future events take place and end simultaneously.
Those within the confines of a material realm are incapable of processing it. I can hardly manage as it stands.
My form simply awaits at a constant end. The method of getting there is my choice, but the outcome remains the same across all variants.
Even a being such as myself has an expiration date, and regardless of speed, it is always near.
That's why I've done everything I can to ensure that your world is prepared to deal with the consequences of an eleventh-hour effort.
ELLSEE: My ancΣstor wrotΣ a lot about that bΣing thΣ casΣ, but I nΣvΣr rΣally got thΣ contΣxt for what shΣ mΣant.
ELLSEE: A lot of thΣ pagΣs in thΣ book shΣ lΣft mΣ wΣrΣ rippΣd out.
ELLSEE: ...Did you ΣvΣr talk to hΣr¿¿ ShΣ madΣ it sound likΣ shΣ was in contact with a highΣr powΣr. Or at lΣast knΣw of it.
She had all the right reasons to believe.
Your planet is closely attuned to the true fabric of existence.
Others before it were far more ignorant. They created their own mythoi to toy with.
I saw to it that your species was made aware of concepts that would aid in your understanding of what's to come, at a price.
To that end, I've spoken with several of your ancestors. Your friends as well.
An imperative measure, as I viewed it. Insurance, in the case unforeseen circumstances lead to problems right out the gate.
ELLSEE: I havΣ a fΣΣling that things wΣnt wrong.
As they do.
Failure is a close friend. I've come to expect it before anything else, and that is what I told them to anticipate as well.
It's more than plain paranoia. It's inference.
And I've inferred that something is amiss.