I'd like to pose a question of my own, to see if my mind remains right and I still have an inkling of my prior associations.
You do recognize who this is to you, correct?
ELLSEE: ArcjΣc¿¿
ELLSEE: Wait, is hΣ hΣrΣ¿¿¡¡ Did you bring him hΣrΣ¿¿¡¡
No. Remember what we just spoke of.
This is happening concurrently, but it is only a vision. A moment of attempted contact. I have brought him here before, but at present, it is only us.
ELLSEE: ...Right.
The dream you were having before was a memory, shared between the two of you.
Do you have recollection of that happening in your youth?
ELLSEE: YΣah. Vividly.
ELLSEE: HΣ's a part of my family.
So you do remember him, but he doesn't remember you.
You had to reintroduce yourself to him through alternative means?
ELLSEE: AftΣr our six swΣΣps wriggling day, our lusus took mΣ on this rΣally long Σxcursion to practicΣ sΣlf-sufficiΣncy.
ELLSEE: I had to lΣavΣ our hivΣ.
ELLSEE: ThΣy found him a rΣplacΣmΣnt lusus in thΣ wild to takΣ carΣ of him whilΣ wΣ wΣrΣ away, and I couldn't kΣΣp in closΣ contact with him. I wasn't allowΣd to havΣ intΣrnΣt accΣss.
ELLSEE: WhΣn my initial training was ovΣr and wΣ camΣ back, hΣ was... diffΣrΣnt. HΣ wasn't thΣ samΣ pΣrson I grΣw up with.
ELLSEE: Just... scarΣd and angry.
ELLSEE: WΣ triΣd to gΣt through to him, but nothing wΣ said workΣd. HΣ yΣllΣd and rΣfusΣd to listΣn to ΣvΣry last thing wΣ had to say.
ELLSEE: And I think hΣ ΣvΣn forgot that, too.
ELLSEE: ThΣy nΣvΣr changΣd thΣir troll tag, ΣvΣn aftΣr thΣ switch to SkorpΣ, so I was thankfully ablΣ to find him.
ELLSEE: I had to prod him into having convΣrsations with mΣ at thΣ start. I had to prΣtΣnd to bΣ a diffΣrΣnt pΣrson¡¡
Did you not try to show him some sort of evidence?
ELLSEE: I showΣd thΣm ΣvΣrything I had¡¡ Old chat mΣssagΣs¡¡¡¡ PicturΣs¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
ELLSEE: It was likΣ hΣ didn't sΣΣ ANY OF IT¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
That's what I was afraid of.
Because he never saw me, either.
ELLSEE: Couldn't you just gΣt his attΣntion¿¿ ShakΣ thΣm or somΣthing¿¿¿¿