At points, his eyes would nearly meet mine.
That was all it ever was, something close.
He only had any reactions to drawn symbols.
His attention would be brought away soon after, however. Especially if I briefly managed to get through to him.
He would speak to something... but not to me. His dreams were occupied, even under my limited influence.
ELLSEE: SomΣthing happΣnΣd. I know hΣ wΣnt through a fΣw rough patchΣs, but that doΣsn't Σxplain why hΣ jumpΣd from onΣ pΣrsonality to anothΣr.
ELLSEE: Do you know what it was¿¿
ELLSEE: PlΣasΣ, tΣll mΣ you do.
ELLSEE: I want him back. I want things to bΣ right again.
I'm sorry, I don't.
But I do know that something has a hold on him.
That it influences his choices and directs him away from those he cares about.
And that his experiences might not be wholly unique to him.
ELLSEE: What do you mΣan¿¿¿¿
This particular phenomenon lines up with what I've been experiencing.
And what I believe you have been experiencing as well.