ELLSEE: As in, hΣ's thΣ onΣ who choosΣs what you'rΣ doing and how you'rΣ doing it¿¿
More what you see and how you see it.
Tell me, Miss Raines, do you know what "reality" is?
I don't mean a direct definition of the word. I'm asking if you know the practical application of the concept. How does it function?
ELLSEE: Um... It's thΣ totality of ΣvΣrything in a givΣn spacΣ, isn't it¿¿
ELLSEE: LikΣ, if you'rΣ in a sΣctionΣd off block in thΣ middlΣ of nowhΣrΣ and you'rΣ stuck thΣrΣ, ΣvΣrything in that arΣa would bΣ your rΣality.
Say you exist in such a space. There are two philosophies to contend with: one of the material and one of the subjective.
Matter can be assessed and scrutinized, if it's been given form. It can be studied and understood through a consensus between multiple parties.
But... How do you see the room? What does it mean to you? What do you recognize about it? Does it invoke a specific memory? Inspire a feeling?
Your answers inform how you conceptualize your reality, and that will dictate your state of being. There is a distinct separation between something that is real in a physical sense and real in a personal sense.
ELLSEE: So... KhΣparia is a rΣprΣsΣntativΣ of thΣ tangiblΣ and GaiaΣon of thΣ intangiblΣ¿¿
Ah, "representative" does not inch close to describing it. They simply are.
Or aren't, in his case.
My father does not facilitate the latter. He embodies it.
Gaiaeon cannot be combated. He cannot be willed away.
He is all-seeing, through our eyes and his own. Nothing gets past him, not even what lies beyond the veil.
Every thought, memory, idea and dream belonging to every being that was, is or ever will be falls under his purview...
Including us.
He has been listening this entire time.
It all plagues him terribly, he says.
An excuse, so he can justifiably tear asunder every last shred of this tapestry.
ELLSEE: But why would hΣ takΣ such issuΣ with us, spΣcifically¿¿ =:(
While I'm unsure about what he might stand to gain from Arcjec or any of the others, I can tell you exactly why he wanted to estrange the two of us.
You had crucial information that would potentially lead to his subservience, and I had the power to recognize his tampering.
So, he found a particular point in time where we got a little too close to him, and he took his chances.
Unfortunately, I am now unable to perceive things as clearly as I once did.
I can only spectate in a staggered, fixed manner. It is... disorienting.
But even still, my family and yours are the last bastions that stand between him and his perfection.
ELLSEE: What doΣs pΣrfΣction mΣan to him¿¿