ELLSEE: ThΣ Naught-FathΣr¿¿
ELLSEE: HΣ's rΣal¿¿¿¿
ELLSEE: And ACTUALLY a fathΣr¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿
He desperately wishes he wasn't, on both accounts.
That's why he persists. Why he is relentless in his pursuit.
To finish the job he started so long ago.
ELLSEE: SomΣ pΣoplΣ on my planΣt worship him.
ELLSEE: I guΣss that's bΣcausΣ you... introducΣd him into our mythos in thΣ first placΣ¿¿
They are fools to do so. He only serves his own ends.
And all he craves is an end.
ELLSEE: WΣll, if hΣ rΣally causΣs all thΣsΣ problΣms, couldn't you just... givΣ him what hΣ wants¿¿¿¿
No one can understand what he wants. He can barely comprehend his own state, much less what his actions have wrought.
If I had to make a guess, that's why those in your world could see something worth worshipping in him.
He is a blank slate to project onto. There is nothing there.
And he is willing to give them everything, so long as he eventually gets to take it away.
I introduced him as a cautionary tale, not as an honor.
He is not worthy of the divine duality he is a part of.
ELLSEE: But what doΣs that havΣ to do with us¿¿
ELLSEE: WΣ havΣn't donΣ anything to him¡¡¡¡
You have.
Everyone has. Everything has.
ELLSEE: Ugh, I don't think I gΣt it.
That is the heart of it.
Gaiaeon is not a being that grows and shifts. He does not learn and he does not communicate in the interest of others.
He claims to feel, to know of suffering.
He is a liar. He's laid waste to innocent trillions, incalculable lives, simply because they dare to breathe and experience the life given to them by the All-Mother.
ELLSEE: Not to bΣ rudΣ... I don't want to downplay how you fΣΣl about him or anything.
ELLSEE: But how can you bΣ surΣ that's thΣ casΣ¿¿
ELLSEE: You'rΣ clΣarly somΣ sort of powΣrful Σntity too, and you undΣrstand at lΣast somΣ of thΣ things that wΣ'rΣ going through.
ELLSEE: Why is it diffΣrΣnt for him¿¿
Rules have no bearing on something like him.
ELLSEE: Couldn't hΣ just ΣscapΣ, thΣn¿¿¿¿
He's done exactly that.
That's what I've failed to comprehend. Or rather, what I've overestimated my ability to overcome.
THE STATIC only withholds an ephemeral physicality of his form.
It does nothing to subtract from his insidious influence, how he might manifest in others if he were to directly access their psyches.
He snuck out from right under me. My weakness in omniscience is his escape route, and at my age, he can actively use it against all of us.
He can tell his own stories, and we would never be able to tell the difference.
Because he decides what they mean.