ELLSEE: Do wΣ actually havΣ ANY chancΣ to stop him¿¿¿¿
ELLSEE: HΣ can't bΣ killΣd without giving him what hΣ wants, hΣ can't bΣ bΣatΣn into submission, hΣ can't bΣ snΣakΣd past or trickΣd, hΣ can't ΣvΣn bΣ FATHOMΣD¡¡
ELLSEE: What ARΣ wΣ capablΣ of¿¿¡¡
ELLSEE: I can't ΣvΣn fΣΣl SCARΣD about this bΣcausΣ it's so rΣmovΣd from my undΣrstanding that it wraps all thΣ way back around to bΣing... mΣaninglΣss¡¡
ELLSEE: And that's probably what hΣ wants too¡¡
There is one way it can be done.
In the exceptionally unlikely event that your session is successful on all fronts and everything goes according to plan, I will be the one to perform the task.
In all others, I have prepared a failsafe to look after an incomplete session in my passing.
That is as much as I'm willing to disclose at the moment.
Not because I don't want to, but because I fear your hearing about it will affect your capability to engage with your quest.
It's imperative, especially in your case, that you understand the processes of your session.
ELLSEE: You'rΣ rΣally thΣ onΣ who madΣ ThΣ GamΣ.
Yes. It lies within a pocket dimension in THE STATIC, a niche I've carved out specifically for that function.
ELLSEE: Augh. I fΣΣl likΣ I'm carrying thΣ wΣight of thΣ ΣntirΣ UNIVΣRSΣ on my back and it's going to absolutΣly crush mΣ any sΣcond now.
Welcome back to the club, my dear.
ELLSEE: Is this how you always fΣΣl¿¿
Not always. I make sure to insert a healthy dose of amusement and good humor into everything I can.
As senile as I may find myself, I've no interest in complete insanity.
ELLSEE: YΣah, I think wΣ havΣ Σnough of that as it is.
ELLSEE: I'm gΣtting closΣr to it by thΣ sΣcond¡¡
There is still a sense of wonder to be found in the midst of all the chaos, though. No?
Look up.